From Little Hands Big Things Grow

The future of the Tramway Reserve at One71 Baldivis is looking greener thanks to the little helping hands of students from Baldivis Primary School. For the second consecutive year over 100 students joined Mirvac in regenerating vegetation in the remnant bushland area.

Filled with enthusiasm and energy, students got outside for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine and get their hands dirty as they were given the mammoth task of planting 5,000 trees within the southern side of the reserve.

Several varieties of native seedlings were planted in record time, including Eucalyptus, Hakea and Banksia.

It was a rewarding morning as students learnt how their helping hands would assist in improving biodiversity and create important habitats for many different species in the area, including the local Carnaby Cockatoo population.

The One71 Baldivis project and landscaping teams were pleased that students will enjoy being able to watch their seedlings grow and mature as time goes by, creating an important connection with their local environment.

A strong show of how small actions can make a big difference, the 4,900 seedlings that were planted last year by students on the northern end of the reserve have resulted in trees that are starting to mature and provide a great foraging habitat for many native birds and animals in the area.

Following the incredible effort by Baldivis Primary School students, Mirvac staff will plant another 7,000 seedlings in the Tramway reserve as a continued effort to reinvigorate the area for the community to enjoy.